Partitioned archive tables

Is there anyone using partitioned archive tables in MySQL 5.1 for storing logs (or other voluminous data)? Storing large amounts of logs in a relational database can bring special challenges. Logs can take up huge amounts of space on disk, and while disk space is cheap, disk I/O can be expensive, performance-wise. But many logs… Continue reading Partitioned archive tables

Data Corruption!

At the start of this week, we suffered a corruption of our main 5.1 source code repository at MySQL. No data was lost, but I spent most of four working days on cleaning up the corruption, Monty spent one day, and many other people had to spend time on this or were stalled in their… Continue reading Data Corruption!

Free Software and SS7

In my previous job at Sifira A/S, I developed the first version of chan_ss7. Chan_ss7 is a module for Asterisk, which interfaces Asterisk to an SS7 network. So what is SS7? It is the network that runs the worlds telephone network. Chances are that as soon as your phone call reaches the local central (analog/ISDN)… Continue reading Free Software and SS7