Orango.dk afgørelsen

[English summary: This discusses a recent legal decision that the domain orango.dk, which was used by one person for an email address since the year 2000, should be transfered to a newly started company with the same name. The decision has been appealed to the courts.] Som mange andre er jeg bekymret over den afgørelse,… Continue reading Orango.dk afgørelsen

MariaDB Buildbot configuration file published

I have now published the Buildbot configuration file that we use for our continuous integration tests in our Buildbot setup. Every push into main and development branches of MariaDB is built and tested on a range of platforms to catch and fix any problems early (and we also test MySQL releases before merging to easily… Continue reading MariaDB Buildbot configuration file published

Fixing a MariaDB package bug

One of the things that I am really happy about in MariaDB is that we have our releases available as apt (and yum for Centos) repositories. This is largely thanks to being able to build this on the OurDelta package build infrastructure (which again builds on things like the Debian packaging scripts for MySQL). Something… Continue reading Fixing a MariaDB package bug