Debugging memory leaks in plugins with Valgrind

I had an interesting IRC discussion the other day with Monty Taylor about what turned out to be a limitation in Valgrind with respect to debugging memory leaks in dynamically loaded plugins. Monty Taylor’s original problem was with Drizzle, but as it turns out, it is common to all of the MySQL-derived code bases. When… Continue reading Debugging memory leaks in plugins with Valgrind

Valgrinding Drizzle

Like so many others, I got interested in the Drizzle project when it started. Some good ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and just pure GPL license, no “yes, we will take your work for free and sell proprietary licenses to it” SCA. I even started contributing some development, fixing a number of Valgrind-detected bugs in Drizzle.… Continue reading Valgrinding Drizzle