FVWM and Java application window focus

I found the solution for a problem that has been annoying me for quite some time. I am using FVWM for a window manager. A few programs written in Java, most notably the Arduino IDE, will not accept keyboard focus. As soon as the window is given focus using normal window-manager commands, it immediately loses… Continue reading FVWM and Java application window focus

Slides for my lightning talks at Open Source Days 2008

In case anyone is interested in a copy of my slides for the two lightning talks I gave at the Open Source Days 2008 conference, I have made them available here: “Optimizing Large Databases Using InnoDB Clustered Indexes:” HTML and PDF. “Profiling with OProfile and Intel Core 2 performance counters:” HTML and PDF. I waqs… Continue reading Slides for my lightning talks at Open Source Days 2008

Hobbit monitoring

After setting up Hobbit monitoring on my home network, I discovered a curious issue with the Zyxel P-2602HW router that Fullrate delivers with their ADSL products: The Telnet administration port occasionally times-out connection attemps: I really like the Hobbit monitoring tool, I have used it ever since I heard about it when I met the… Continue reading Hobbit monitoring

Does the Flash plugin play dirty tricks with the X keyboard?

For a client, I am using a web application written in Flash. This application behaves really strange with respect to the keyboard on Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu Hardy). I re-map the caps-lock key as a control key (a required action for any hardcore Emacs user to preserve sanity). Now the application has a hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-F to… Continue reading Does the Flash plugin play dirty tricks with the X keyboard?

Installing GCC-4.3.1

I sometimes see even seasoned developers be reluctant to use a different gcc version (ie. to reproduce a potentially compiler-specific issue or just to experiment with new optimisations or features). The reason is a fear of breaking their system by installing multiple compilers, or even by replacing their system compiler with a new one. But… Continue reading Installing GCC-4.3.1

Zepto Znote 6024W laptop

So I got a new laptop, a Zepto Znote 6024W. I got it with 2GB of RAM, a 7200RPM 120GB harddisk, 1440×900 screen, 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo CPU, and Intel Pro/Wireless 4965AGN. First overall impressions are quite good. The good stuff: Everything seems to work out-of-the-box with Ubuntu Hardy. You can customize the configuration when… Continue reading Zepto Znote 6024W laptop