Does the Flash plugin play dirty tricks with the X keyboard?

For a client, I am using a web application written in Flash. This application behaves really strange with respect to the keyboard on Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu Hardy).

I re-map the caps-lock key as a control key (a required action for any hardcore Emacs user to preserve sanity). Now the application has a hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-F to search. This hotkey works with the “real” control keys, but not with the re-mapped caps-lock key.

Not that I am blaming the application… it should not even be possible for it to tell the difference between different control keys. In fact I cannot think of _any_ other program that does not work with re-mapped keys. Technically, it is not even “re-mapped”, in X11 all keymaps are created equal.

The flash plugin must be doing some really nasty stuff with X11. Probably it has hardcoded PC keycodes in the source code instead of using proper X11 keysyms … now that would be sucky code.

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