My presentation from OpenSourceDays2011

Here are the slides from my talk at Open Source Days 2011 on Saturday. The talk was about MariaDB and other parts of the MySQL development community outside of MySQL@Oracle.

For me, the most memorable part of the conference was the talk by Noirin Shirley titled Open Source: Saving the World. Noirin described the Open Source Ushahidi project and how it was used during the natural disaster crisis in Indonesia, New Zealand and other places.

Now, there is a long way from implementing group commit in MariaDB to rescuing injured people out of collapsed buildings, and not all use of Free Software is as samaritan as Ushahidi. Well, no-one can save the world alone.

But in the Free Software community, we work together, each contributing his or her microscopic part, and together slowly but surely building the most valuable software infrastructure in the world. Which then in turn empowers others to work together in other areas outside of (and more important than) software. Working in Free Software enables me to contribute my skills and resources, and I think Noirin managed very well to capture this in her talk.

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