My presentation from OpenSourceDays2011

Here are the slides from my talk at Open Source Days 2011 on Saturday. The talk was about MariaDB and other parts of the MySQL development community outside of MySQL@Oracle. For me, the most memorable part of the conference was the talk by Noirin Shirley titled Open Source: Saving the World. Noirin described the Open… Continue reading My presentation from OpenSourceDays2011

MariaDB talk at the OpenSourceDays 2010 conference

Earlier this month, I was at the OpenSourceDays 2010 conference, giving a talk on MariaDB (the slides from the talk are available). The talk went quite well I think (though I probably talked way too fast as I usually do; at least that means that I finished on time with plenty room for questions..) There… Continue reading MariaDB talk at the OpenSourceDays 2010 conference