Speaking at OpenSourceDays2011

Again this year, I will be speaking about MariaDB and stuff at the OpenSourceDays2011 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference will take place on Saturday March 5, that’s just over a week from now! The program is ready and my talk is scheduled for the afternoon at 15:30. Hope to meet a lot of people there!

(I will be sure to make the slides from my talk available here afterwards, for those of you interested but unable to attend.)

Here is the abstract for my talk:

Latest news from the MariaDB (and MySQL) community

A lot of Open Source software projects got transfered to Oracle last year as part of the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Not everybody in the affected Open Source communities have been happy with this transfer, to put it mildly, and projects like LibreOffice, Illumos, Jenkins, and others are forking left and right to become independent of Oracle.

Interestingly, MySQL, one of the major projects taken over from Sun, already had several forks active prior to the acquisition, among them MariaDB, which was started by original MySQL founder Michael “Monty” Widenius in 2009.

In the talk I will describe the MariaDB project: why it was started, what it is, and what we have been up to in the first two years of the project’s existence. I will then give a more technical description of one particular performance feature that is new in MariaDB, “group commit”, which is something I worked on personally the last year, and which I think is a good example of the kind of development that happens in MariaDB. Finally I want to give an “interactive FAQ”, answering some of the questions that are buzzing around in the community concerning the future of MySQL and derivatives inside and outside of Oracle.

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