Fixing a MariaDB package bug

One of the things that I am really happy about in MariaDB is that we have our releases available as apt (and yum for Centos) repositories. This is largely thanks to being able to build this on the OurDelta package build infrastructure (which again builds on things like the Debian packaging scripts for MySQL). Something… Continue reading Fixing a MariaDB package bug

Building MariaDB/MySQL with Buildbot and KVM

Testing and automation. These two are key to ensuring high quality of software releases. Ever since I worked briefly in the team at MySQL AB that is responsible for creating the binary (and source) packages of MySQL releases, I have had the vision of a fully automated release procedure. Whenever someone pushes a new commit… Continue reading Building MariaDB/MySQL with Buildbot and KVM

Valgrinding Drizzle

Like so many others, I got interested in the Drizzle project when it started. Some good ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and just pure GPL license, no “yes, we will take your work for free and sell proprietary licenses to it” SCA. I even started contributing some development, fixing a number of Valgrind-detected bugs in Drizzle.… Continue reading Valgrinding Drizzle

Learning Python

Among other things, these past few months I have been working on setting up Buildbot, including adding various enhancements and bug fixes that are needed to properly build and test the MariaDB and MySQL code base. Since Buildbot is written in Python, this means I have also had to learn Python. I am an old-time… Continue reading Learning Python

Network troubles

As this story shows, the cause of a network problem is not always where youfirst suspect… So I just set up an ftp server on my home network for easy file transfer with some family members. Everything was working fine, except … occasionally, file transfers would just hang, for no apparent reasons. Logs did not… Continue reading Network troubles

Placeholders and SQL injection, part 2

Actually, what I really wanted to blog about before getting carried away with irony yesterday was an old idea on how to force my developers to use placeholders exclusively for SQL queries in applications. As should be apparent from yesterdays blog entry, I am strongly in favour of using placeholders for interpolating values into SQL… Continue reading Placeholders and SQL injection, part 2

Skal EU tvinge Windows brugere til Firefox?

Der er gang i diskussionen vedrørende EU’s mulige krav til at lade folk vælge browser når de køber Windows. Har Microsoft misbrugt sit monopol, er det en god ide at EU blander sig, er det for megen indblanding, osv. Når man installerer en Linux-distribution skal man typisk ikke vælge browser… men man har jo også… Continue reading Skal EU tvinge Windows brugere til Firefox?